Welcome to Morning Solitude! Pour yourself a cup of coffee and join me in this cozy place where you will find an amazing collection of real-life stories about how to build healthy and happy relationships, find the courage to pursue your dreams and live a joyful life.

me todayI am Raluca, a painter of words, sculptor of stories and lover of art, snowflakes, and coffee. Writing is my superpower and my favorite place on earth is Rome. So, whenever I need a boost of inspiration, you will find me wandering the streets of Rome holding my husband’s hand, or drinking a cappuccino in our dearest café in Monti.

Why “Morning Solitude”?

Because I absolutely love mornings! I wake up, I drink my water with lemon and afterward, I make my coffee. Always with honey and milk. While savoring my coffee and my sweet guilty pleasure – dark chocolate with mint, I write, I read a book, I meditate on my dreams or I do anything my heart tells me to. It’s my solitude time when I clear my thoughts and I prepare the ground for creativity and inspiration to strike in.

I created Morning Solitude for this precious start of the day. When you just made your coffee and can’t wait to savor it. With your cup in your hand and your beloved music in the background, you read your favorite magazine or you create the agenda for the day. Morning Solitude is for this priceless moment you spend with yourself, searching for words of wisdom to lift you up and start your day in an inspiring way.

Morning Solitude is my gift to the world

Since I was a child, my mind has been my favorite toy. I find tremendous joy in playing with my imagination and thoroughly crafting stories. This transformed writing into my haven and all I ever wanted to do was write. Then, the unpredictable happened. When I was 15, my parents divorced and took me off my path to studying English literature and cast me into the economics field because they thought it was better for finding a job.

From there, I landed in a glamorous, yet meaningless 9 to 5 job (more 9 to 8), stuck in a relationship that was the copy of my parents’ marriage. I used to hate mornings. I could not wake up, I hated the alarm clock and I was always late. Also, I couldn’t stand solitude, as I mistook it for loneliness. My life looked very different back then. I was off course, living a sorrowful and insipid life in a painful relationship, feeling lost all the time.

Today, as I am writing these words, I am a happy, 30-year-old woman, married to a man that masters the art of being an amazing husband. I was brave enough to follow my heart and give up my fancy but empty job titles, in order to set free the stories locked inside my soul for so many years. While working on my first novel, I am grateful for this amazing gift of being able to create new worlds with my imagination. Today, I do what I love and I get to touch people’s lives with my work. I rebuilt my life around authenticity, passion, and a high sense of purpose.

When you get, give. When you learn, teach! – Maya Angelou

I could tell you that this happened overnight with the help of a magic wand and this is an online store that sells that kind of wands, but we both know the story doesn’t go this way. The only magic wands we have are our actions and our determination. The truth is I worked a lot on myself, striving to rise every time I fell.

It took me years to glue myself together and find the courage to stop following the crowd, be truly, madly, deeply myself and unleash my dreams. I learned the lessons the hard way, but I learned them well and I documented every single step.

Morning Solitude is about this journey and the lessons I have yet to learn. It gathers the authentic, #nofilter stories behind happy, long-lasting relationships, success and a life built on a foundation of love and passion. This is my gift to the world.

I hope that the words painted here will be a hug and a warm blanket in your cold days. So, while savoring your morning coffee, dive into this authentic ocean of self-gained wisdom and begin the journey towards your personal version of happiness!

I’m with you all the way,

Raluca Gavriloae
Writer & Founder of MorningSolitude.com