One year ago I started this project after it had been on mind for about four years. Actually, all I tried to do in the past year was to avoid starting it. I was not sure it was my true calling. This is why I found all kind of excuses not to share it with the world, all kind of reasons. I tried occupying my mind with anything else except this project.

When people ask me how can they know if their calling is the right one, I answer them: Simple. Avoid it, ignore it and see what happens.

You could say that I tested my calling’s resilience. Just like life tests our strength. In fact, I wanted to convince myself this calling was real enough. I wanted to see how much it wants to become true. How long will it still be there even if I ignore it day by day? Just like a monk is tested before being accepted into the monastery. That’s what I did with my calling. I proved its will, desire, and dedication to become a reality.

When people ask me how can they know if their calling is the right one, I answer them: “Simple. Avoid it, ignore it and see what happens”. Because if you can forget about it and you can go on another road than it was not the real one. Your true calling will stay there, even if you will ignore it. It will not leave you alone. It will haunt you night and day. If you try to create something else, it won’t let you. It will always try to find a way to step into your reality.

As I said, over the last year I tested my calling. You know that we all have our hero’s journey. Well, I put my calling through its own hero’s journey. And it convinced me that it is not a joke, not a whim. No sir, it is real. It will not allow me to have peace again until I transform it into reality. So I have to do it. I have to take it seriously and invest in it. There is no other way. My peace is linked to it, so if I want to recover my peace, I have to answer to my calling. It is that simple.

I mean I thought for years that marketing was my calling, but now I know it is just a profession. A calling is linked to something bigger, and it involves sharing a part of your soul and story. A calling involves helping or inspiring other people.
Creativity was everything I loved about marketing. That part of making ideas come to life. And I still love it, but it is only a profession. Something you can learn to do. Imagination, on the other hand, can not be taught. It is something you have inside of you. This is how I know that writing is my calling. And I know that now because I ignored it for years and still it was always present in my life.

Trust me when I say that the surest way to know that you found your true calling is to try to ignore it. If it doesn’t leave you alone, if it follows you in every thought, if you feel you’re wasting your time when you do anything else, then go with it. Because I tell you, there is no other way to get your peace back unless you answer to it. And that is just wonderful!

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