Today I want to share with you an amazing, real-life story about how writing a simple letter can change your life for the better. It happened to me when I was going through one of the toughest times of my life. 

After a painful relationship that drained me for years, one of my greatest battles was letting go of the past. We all know that feeling when even if it’s been a long time since your relationship ended, finding out that the other person is dating someone else still hurts. So, there I was, with my world turned upside down, fighting to find my balance and my inner peace. Nothing worked. I couldn’t meditate, I couldn’t sleep, and I was crying almost all the time. I didn’t know what to do.

In the midst of my suffering, I remembered a beautiful story that my mother once told me. Being barefoot and in ragged clothing, little Saint Nectarios decided to write a letter to Jesus. He took a pencil and paper and wrote: “My Little Jesus, I do not have clothes or shoes and I barely have money for food. Please help me. You know how much I love You.” He signed and then sealed the letter, writing on the envelope: “To Jesus – in Heaven.”

On his way to mail the letter, he ran into the man who owned a shop next to the one in which the boy was working. Seeing the letter in the boy’s hands, the man offered to mail it for him, since he was already on his way to the post office. When the merchant took the letter from his pocket to send it, he happened to notice the address. Touched by the boy’s simple faith, the man bought clothes, shoes, and food and put an amount of money into an envelope and sent them to little Saint Nectarios, signing: “From Jesus”. Few words can describe the joy that filled little Saint Nectarios when he received the gifts. He gave many thanks to God.

Inspired by this story, I took a pen and paper, and I started writing my own letter to God:

“Dear God,

I know that in the last years I have been rather distant, but lately, I began talking to You more often. There are moments when I feel Your presence and moments when You seem faraway. Those moments in which I feel Your love, make me want to live forever in that state.

You know everything, and so You know how many changes happened in the last months. I have made this my year of solitude, making time to learn to just be with myself. I never thought that ending my previous relationship will be so hard, but I also know You never blessed it.

So many times I heard Your words in my heart, telling me that my place was not in that relationship because You prepared something better for me. I think that I would have never had the courage to do it alone, so thank You for interfering. Now, please give me the strength to let go of the past and move on. Never let the past perturb my heart again. Help me accept everything that is and teach me to smile again.

Talking about the changes that occurred in these last years, I know I have the job I used to dream about, but You made me grow and become better, and I began to feel that this glamorous job is meaningless. My heart tells me to quit my job. I want to help people change their lives and be happy, I want to light in them Your divine sparkle, I want to inspire them. You made me for something greater than playing in this business world. I want to work with souls, not sales and footfall analysis. When I think about what I’m doing at my job, I feel trapped, and I feel there is another place where my life would blossom. Please teach me what to do to get to that place and hold me in Your arms until there.

I know this is Your world and You can do whatever You want, so please make me see all this world that You have created. Help me work in that beautiful place where my life will expand. But please, make it be a soft transition because I am sick of all the drama and I believe You are too.

I know You gave me the gift of writing and in the course of time, You planted inside my mind the idea of a blog, through which to share all the lessons You taught me. Please tell me what to write in order to inspire people and bring hope in their lives. Besides writing, I would like to give speeches at conferences, to motivate, inspire and bring joy into people’s lives. We both know You didn’t make me for an ordinary life and this year I felt it the most, and I believe a change is required. I need to step up and fulfill my destiny.

I often thought I have loved, but now I know that I was wrong. Those were only lessons for when I will meet my true love. So, when You send me in the world, please help me find The One that You have prepared for me. He must be amazing if You’ve put me through all these lessons in order to become this beautiful and powerful woman. I still feel that You are not done working on me and that I am becoming better and better every day.

You made some beautiful things that I want to enjoy in this life, so please bring Rome, Bali, the ocean, the joy of living and music in my life. I don’t know in which part of the world You plan to send me, but I would like a home with a big library, a garden with magnolias and a lot of trees where I can drink my coffee and from where I can see the moon in the evening. Please fill every day of my life with joy, love, peace and flowing happiness, and I will be thankful to You. I would then feel like living in Your palm, and I would always be grateful.

Make me an instrument for good. Make me Your instrument and send love and hope in this world through me. Surround me with beautiful souls that know You and create great things with You.

I want to admire all Your masterpieces, all this world that You created. Many say that You teach people to settle for less, they associate You with pain and poverty. But I don’t believe that. I think You created this world so that humans enjoy it and You made us to marvel at Your creations. If You would have made us tied to one place, burdened with hardship and suffering, why would You have bothered to create so many amazing places? I want to get to know all Your creation. I want to enjoy this world. You created and be amazed by it. Help me see all Your world!

Some would say that I am dreaming here, but I know that this is Your world. You created everything that is and with You all things are possible. You sent me to this earth and You gave me all these dreams. I know that they will all come true with You. Otherwise, You wouldn’t have given them to me.

This is my letter. I’m looking forward to writing to you about how happy I am and thanking You for all the dreams that came true. Please just teach me what steps to take in order to begin this journey.

Full of love and enthusiasm,

After finishing writing my letter, I felt peace in my soul. My tears had dried and I had a strong feeling that everything was going to be all right. This letter became my prayer for the next days. I read it every night before going to sleep.

Looking back, I can say I lived a miracle as I am amazed at how things turned out. I became serene and happy. After only two weeks, I met my husband. He is a man that masters the art of being the most loving and caring husband I know. In a few months, I quit my job and moved to another city. We visited Rome and got married in just 11 months from our first meeting. All happened within just one year after writing this letter. In summer we will live in Bali for two months and there I will see the ocean.

I never expected this turn. All the dreams from my letter came true. I didn’t even know things like this can happen. Now, I believe that if you ask for help and guidance, you will always receive it. If you do your part and you strive to change, Life will do its part and reward you.

For me, writing this letter shifted my life from suffering to happiness. I don’t know a better solution for the difficult times of life. This is why I still write letters to God whenever I am in doubt, in need or to express my gratitude for all the blessings that He gives us. I even have a special envelope where I keep them. It has written on it: To God.

So here is a thought: next time you go through hard times and nothing seems to work, take a pen and paper and start writing your letter to God, the Universe, or that higher force you believe in. Trust me: you will always receive an answer!

With love,


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